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bill's song-a-day
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Below are 20 journal entries, after skipping by the 20 most recent ones recorded in heuristicsinc's LiveJournal:

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Sunday, November 20th, 2011
3:46 pm
#352: Tomáš Dvořák: "Clockwise Operetta"
Comp: origami 99
Genre: video game soundtrack
Spotify: not there

I got the indie video game Machinarium from the Humble Indie Bundle and it came with the game's soundtrack as mp3 files. The game was a lot of fun; it's one of the type where you have an on-screen character, but you make it interact with the game world by clicking on objects on the screen, like "The Dig" etc. The character was very likeable and the puzzles were interesting. Also, one big draw for this game was the excellent soundtrack, by Tomáš Dvořák (thank you cut and paste for getting the accents right). He is a Czech musician and also goes by the name Floex. In the game, I think this particular song was for the square where there was a big clock. You can hear the song here along with the rest of the soundtrack (and buy it, too! This is a bandcamp storefront, and that's a lovely site for us musicians to sell our songs). What I love about this song: the rhythms very interesting without being busy. The sound design. The building of tension. The best part, though, is the strange voice that comes in halfway through. It is foreign and robotic but still personable, like the main character of the game. I especially love the variety of sounds in this track, all different without sounding fractured. Good stuff!

Current Mood: normal
Saturday, November 19th, 2011
11:59 pm
#351: Mix Master Mike: "Unidentifried"
Comp: origami 99
Genre: turntablism
Spotify: None!

Quick post tonight to try to beat midnight.
Mix Master Mike is a member of The Beastie Boys and The Invisibl Skratch Piklz. I got this album from Emusic way back when they were all-you-can-download, but I don't know if I ever got to listen to it. Lately I've been working my way through the Emusic library in alphabetical order by artist and recently passed M. My 2-year-old son got a kick out of this album while we were eating lunch. I love the beats and the random UFO-related voice samples. "All right, we change our plans. We begin the attack on Earth now."
Sorry, not finding a source online for this to stream...
Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
11:33 pm
#350: Sandra Boynton feat.Davey Jones: "Your Personal Penguin"
Comp: origami 100
Genre: kids
Spotify: Personal Penguin

I'm not sure how to credit this one - it's Davey Jones singing a song written by Sandra Boynton, or, rather, the words to a book written by her. Do you put the writer of the words first or the singer? Who arranged it? She's a famous children's book author and he's the singer from The Monkees (is that a sitcom description?). We got Boynton's book "Your Personal Penguin" from the library a while back - it's a board book - and the back cover mentioned that you could download the song as an mp3 for free, so I did. And it was catchy... really catchy. I found myself singing it from time to time. So here it is!

"Now, lots of other penguins seem to be fine
in a universe of nothing but ice.
But if I could be yours, and you could be mine,
Our cozy little world would be twice as nice.
I want to be Your Personal Penguin."

Sorry, I don't remember the download URL... go buy the book! Or get it from the library :)

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
11:42 pm
#349: Gilbert O'Sullivan: "Clair"
Comp: origami 100
Genre: oldies/pop
Spotify: Clair

I was introduced to this song by my father-in-law, who posted a link to it on the Facebook. If you know my family you'll understand why. I hadn't recognized this artist's name, but I did know another song by him, it turns out ("Alone Again (Naturally)"). (How do you like that punctuation string?) But I like this song best. This is a nice pop love song, but it's got a bit of a funny twist to it... it starts out sounding like your typical pop song, then there's this lyric:

"But why in spite of our age difference do I cry
Each time I leave you I feel I could die
Nothing means more to me than hearing you say
I'm going to marry you"

...and then just when you're starting to wonder what kind of person you're dealing with here, there's this!

"Will you marry me Uncle Ray?
Oh! Clair, Clair"

Ha! Turns out the song was written for a girl who wasn't actually his niece, but the daughter of his manager and he was called Uncle Ray by her (pretty common to do that). Also, his real name is actually Raymond O'Sullivan but he took that stage name as a sort of pun, therefore "Uncle Ray". Fun fact: it's the real Clair giggling at the end!

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, November 14th, 2011
12:08 pm
So here's how I got back to writing in this blog. I joined Spotify recently and added a bunch of friends from Facebook. Turns out Glenn Case is on Spotify, and I checked out his public playlists - one of which was a set of his own 10,000 songs from his blog. I thought "hey, that's a good idea" so I started adding my own blog songs to a playlist. Then that reminded me how interesting it was writing the song-a-day blog, so here we are!

So all the songs from my blog aren't on Spotify. There are a few that are different versions of songs, and a lot of the stuff I listen to is pretty obscure (including songs from SongFight and other places that aren't officially released, so they won't be on there). So I've got 229 songs out of the 348 currently posted, not as much as I'd hoped. Did you know there's no Beatles on there? Silly! So, if you have a spare 17 hours, here's the playlist!

bill's song-a-day on Spotify

Okay, you can listen for less than 17 hours if you really want to.
1:19 am
#348: Thomas Dolby: "Spice Train"
Comp: origami 100
Genre: dance/melange

Bet you thought this blog was dead, didn't you? Well, maybe it was, but it's been revived. Glenn Case inadvertently got me back into it. I've listened to a lot of music, new and not, since I last posted. Here's one of the new ones.

This summer, I took part in an online game created by Thomas Dolby, he of the She Blinded Me With Science etc. (see #39, #89, #297 - didn't realize I'd done so many of his songs already!) - he had been out of making music until a couple of years ago, when he toured a couple of times with mostly old songs, then he made a new album. And to get his album going he decided to host this game, A Map of the Floating City, which placed players that were located near each other into tribes (giving you the social aspect), and you traded items with other players (the game aspect), and tried to solve puzzles (the mental aspect). It was a lot of fun and surprisingly addictive (just ask my wife). I've become friends with some of the people that played! The items you were trading were things from Dolby's songs over the years - and if you made a set of all the items from one song you could download it (except the new songs). Very cool. Makes me wonder if he wrote the new songs' lyrics with a mind to which nouns would be in the game, heh. Here's a song which wasn't actually one of the collecting ones, but according to a concert I just heard, he wrote it sort of based on what was happening in the game. If that's true, it's really cool.

This tube appears to have a radio edit that you can check out. Or if you have the Spotify you can try this link (let me know if that works). What I love about this song: the freaky awesome bassline - I wonder what is making it. The mix of sounds - Middle Eastern, dancey, the vocals. The link to the game I was in. The way he pronounces "garage". What I don't love - he mentions Boston in his list of cities (I'm bitter about Boston right now). But that's only one thing!

Current Mood: mixed
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
5:40 pm
#347: Out Hud: "How Long"
Comp: origami xxx
Genre: dance punk?

Here I am making a post with a song... for the first time in over a year. Did anyone miss me? I just heard this song on iTunes's random mix thing and decided to break my long silence with this song. Why? For one thing, I love it, and for another, you can download a full-length mp3 for free from this official page.
Out Hud is a side-project of the band !!! (just try asking a record-store employee for albums from that band sometime). But I guess they are defunct; it seems that there has not been anything new since 2005. That's even longer ago than I made a post on this blog. Anyway, what I love about this song: the synth intro sets the mood, then the other instruments come in perfectly; I like this buildup a lot. When the vocals come in the rest drops out, very effective. And later on there are all these vocal hiccups that are the icing on the cake. Oh, also, the synth line leading into the chorus... ooh, there are so many things to get excited about in this song. Go listen to it! It's weird and catchy, my favorite combination of song characteristics.

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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
3:40 pm
A new playlist: "Spoken Word Samples"
I decided on the spur of the moment the other day to make a playlist on my portable device that is made up of songs with spoken word samples. I don't mean songs that have a person in the band talking, or songs that just have a sample or two... but songs where the samples are a major part of the song's identity. I was inspired by listening to the first song on the list.
Here's my list so far:
- Avalanches "Frontier Psychiatrist"
- The Orb "Little Fluffy Clouds"
- Severed Heads "Dead Eyes Opened"
- The Laziest Men on Mars "Invasion of the Gabber Robots" (i.e. "ALL YOUR BASE...")
- M.A.R.R.S "Pump Up the Volume"
- Heuristics Inc. "That's good... no, that's bad!"
- Stark Effect "Think of Me"
- Arthur Loves Plastic "Error" (AKA "Deviation")
- Paul Hardcastle "Nineteen"
- Cabaret Voltaire "Yashar"
- Negativland "Time Zones"
- The Jazz Butcher "Do the Bubonic Plague"
- Meat Beat Manifesto "Acid Again"

What other songs would you suggest?

PS These are not currently on my device, but I need to add them:
- DJ Zapp Brannigan "Combine"
- Brian Eno & David Byrne "Help Me Somebody"
Saturday, March 29th, 2008
2:07 pm
#346: Astrosmash: "Ssssnakes (demo)"
Comp: pax 24
Genre: video game remix

If you're anything like me (and really, who is?) you had an Intellivision video game system when you were growing up, and played SNAFU on it a lot. This was a game where you had two different gameplay modes - in one, your snake left a solid trail behind it, if you hit anyone's trail you'd die. You wanted to be the last snake snaking. In the other you wriggled around, trying to bite the other guys' tails. Again, last snake snaking. It was awesome. And it had some of the most catchy, awesome music in it. This band, Astrosmash, decided to take a bunch of the old Intellivision game songs and make new music and remixes with them. Check it out, it was a little hard to find this track, but it's on Soundclick! In the track you hear the snake sound effects from first type then the second, and the excellent music from the original. The drums and suchlike were added by Astrosmash (that, by the way, was another great Intellivision game). Ooh, this one takes me back. I should try to get an Intellivision, my parents have mine :)
I wonder if you can actually buy these CDs anywhere...

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
6:43 pm
#345: Franka Potente & Thomas D - "Wish (Komm Zu Mir)"
Comp: origami 1
Genre: electronic rock

Have you seen the movie Lola Rennt AKA Run Lola Run? It's an excellent German movie, with an interesting parallel-universe slant; I won't say too much more than that to avoid giving something away. In the movie Lola does a lot of running (surprise!) and this driving techno-ish soundtrack is a great accompaniment for that. The soundtrack has a bunch of motifs that recur throughout, including remixes of some songs and re-used sounds, that I think makes the whole thing fit together well. This song can be heard (partly) in the Tube video here. It's only 2:30 of a 4:09 song, but you can get the idea. This guy made some sort of video montage, but I'm not sure that the clips he used have much to do with the song. Anyway, I love the opening to this, always gets me going. The female vocals are done by Franka Potente, who is the actress that plays Lola, very cool. The male vocals are mostly in German; unfortunately my German is very rusty so I can't make sense of most of it (tho "Komm zu mir" itself means "come to me"). But this is an excellent fast song, good for exercising and driving. I dig the repeated Franka parts:

"I wish I was a hunter in search of different food
I wish I was the animal which fits into that mood
I wish I was a person with unlimited breath
I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest
I wish I was a forest of trees that would hide
I wish I was a clearing of secrets left inside
I wish I was a stranger who understands the sky
I wish I was a starship in silence flying by"

There's this slightly clanky hit sound that's in a few of the songs from the soundtrack. I love that sound, and especially its placement in relation to the rest of the sounds and the rhythm. Awesome.

Current Mood: energetic
Sunday, February 24th, 2008
11:44 pm
#344: They Might Be Giants: "Birdhouse in Your Soul"
Comp: origami 67
Genre: quirky pop

They Might Be Giants AKA TMBG are one of the stranger yet more accessible bands out there. Their songs are strange but singable. They feature lyrics like these:

"There's a picture opposite me
Of my primitive ancestry
Which stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free
Though I respect that a lot
I'd be fired if that were my job After killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts"

Now, I didn't really have much of an idea about this one, but I've just determined that, most likely, the song is sung from the point of view of a nightlight (shaped, evidently, like a blue canary). How cool is that? I like that style of lyric-writing; pick a random object and talk about life from its point of view. Here's some more:

"Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul"

This was evidently their biggest hit. I didn't realize this; I would have thought it was "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" - another excellent song - but this one is quite deserving also. The video is fun - lots of lights in it, supporting that lyrical hypothesis. This band is very geeky, so uncool that they are actually very cool. Perhaps taking over from Talking Heads in the quirky and geeky, but less edgy... I discovered them in college, amongst my other geeky friends (although I had heard them at least once before, probably high school, on a Weird Al show, I don't really count that). Excellent good! Love the instrumentation here also, organ stuff is always a winner.

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
11:07 pm
#343: Adrian Belew: "Oh Daddy"
Comp: origami ?
Genre: pop

You might remember a mention of Adrian Belew from #156 (and I feel like there was another, but I don't see it right now in my search). He is the singer and plays guitar for King Crimson, but he became famous in Frank Zappa's band. He's also played as a guest on many a recording, in fact, probably a few that you already know (but I'm not going to list them all right now, go look at the wiki or something). He's also had a great solo career. This song is one that he did back in 1989 with the help of his daughter, Audie. He's always been sort of a 'niche' artist, so this song is a lot of fun. Audie is singing, asking her dad when he's going to be famous:

"Oh daddy, when you gonna write that big hit?
Oh daddy, when you gonna hit it real big, real big?"

Adrian replies:

"Well, now that's a tall request
for such a small little girl
but I'll try, try till I get it just right
'cause I'm gonna make it, maybe even twice, yeah!"

The back-and-forth conversation between the two is very cute. Check out this video, featuring somebody in the MTV introduction that you may have forgotten about (I had!).

This song and video are so cute (so's Audie). Here's one of my favorite bits:

"Oh daddy, what are ya gonna buy your little girl?"
"I'm gonna getcha Disney World!"

This one's way poppier than a lot of his stuff. Maybe next time I'll do something more out-there :)

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
11:49 pm
#342: Crash Test Dummies: "Swimming In Your Ocean"
Comp: origami 64
Genre: pop

Yes, you probably know this band, but maybe not this song. This is the band with the singer with the ridiculously low-pitched voice, who became famous with "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm", weird and quirky. This song is from the same album. Turns out it was actually a single, although it didn't chart; there is a video. Here it is. I'd never seen it before, it's amusing. I like the female backup singer's expression in this especially. Awesome. One thing I love about this is the guitar sound; it's just fantastic. Poppy and interesting. And the lyrics are very cool:

"When I'm sampling from your bosom
Sometimes I suffer from distractions like
Why does God cause things like tornadoes and train wrecks?"

And this one:

"When I kneel before your bounty
Sometimes I wonder if there could be really
UFO's that come from other planets"

"And when you let me taste your fingers
I take them like fruit and as I linger I
Wonder if my seed will find purchase in your soil"

That was the kind of things that CTD would do, just a little off and strange but also poppy and singable and fun. I also love this little sound that comes at the end of a line sometimes, that sounds kind of metallic, that just adds a lot of character to the song. I love little touches like that. Man, I love that guitar sound. Back in college we went to see this band live and it was a lot of fun, that show. The bouncers at the club made us stop dancing in the aisle. Oh well...

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Monday, February 4th, 2008
11:40 pm
#341: Tom Petty: "Don't Come Around Here No More"
Comp: origami ?
Genre: 80's

So we watched the Superbowl yesterday, and my wife's extended family likes the Giants so we were cheering for them (also I'm heartily sick of hearing how the Patriots are supposedly the second coming, so it was good to see them get their comeuppance). Success! The halftime show was performed by Tom Petty, thus the post today. I thought the music was kind of bland, by-the-numbers, but by far the worst part was Tom's hair-moustache-beard combo, which looked bizarre and... bad. Who thought that was a good idea? Anyway, I still like the music of Tom Petty on occasion, and this is my favorite song of his. Not really the right kind of lyrical material for a Superbowl halftime show, so I wasn't expecting to hear it yesterday!

I remember the video for this one. It had an Alice in Wonderland theme and some cool optical illusion effects... let's see if I can find it. Yeah, looks like an official video available on the tube. Great! Good to see some artists/record companies embracing the internet to some extent. Anyway, there's a sitar in the video, but not sure if it's a real sitar in the song. I love the echoed drums that start it. Sets a great mood. In the video Tom Petty as The Mad Hatter is cool. I love the backing vocals. The odd feel of this song is really sets a mood, off the edge, maybe. Definitely fits the words:

"Stop walking down my street
Who do you expect to meet?
And whatever you're looking for
Don't come around here no more"

The faster section that comes in for the solo adds some nice urgency to the whole thing, a nice changeup from the rest of the song. The end of the video is pretty freaky, though, heh.

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Friday, February 1st, 2008
6:39 pm
#340: Kinky: "The Headphonist"
Comp: origami 49
Genre: quirky electronic rock

It was a rare evening when I was driving home, I think after volleyball, and I had the actual radio on. You know, radio waves and somebody else picking the music rather than my own CD. I think the station was the one from Towson University, perhaps. You can often depend on college radio to show you new and cool things, like this one. This song was on and I liked it so much that I memorized some of the lyrics and used the google to look it up when I got home. Kinky is a Mexican band, with an interesting meld of styles. This particular song isn't in Spanish; it's actually got a guest vocalist (being John McCrea of the band Cake, who is also cool). Mostly it's in spoken word, with some sung parts. Here's some of the lyrics:

"I'm walking alone again, with my headphones on again
I don't want this anymore,
To hit the streets without a cord
Now this city is my song where I submerge myself
Taking a long walk around the block
Every little step, every single step becomes a note
That I draw on the staff lines of the sidewalk
I'm walking alone again, with my headphones on again
And I really really wanna run
But at this moment, I'm listening to a very very quiet song"

I love those last two lines.

Hey, you can hear the song on the tube here.

You can hear some of the cultural influence on this song, especially in the rhythm track. I also love the organ here (I love organs in general, actually). I really dig rock-electronic hybrids, and this song fits right in there. Just a bit jammy too, with an excellent instrumental break in the middle. "I'm walking alone again I'm walking I'm walking alone"

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
11:10 pm
#339: Raised by Wolves: "Unless I Change My Mind"
Comp: origami 57
Genre: synth-pop

Over at Songfight, the first fight that I really listened to in earnest was this one called "Unless I Change My Mind". I didn't enter that fight, since it was the current voting fight when I joined the message board (I did enter three fights later for the mega-fight "What We Need More of Is Science"), but I did vote and, if I remember correctly, review four or so songs.

This song was one of the ones that grabbed my attention right away. You can hear it on the fight page. It's got a great moody synth-pop sound, with some great vocoded vocals, lovely piano, and a couple of good sections - after the initial quiet section there's a cool upbeat instrumental section then with some uneffected vocals before it goes back to the slower part. However one of the things that sticks with me most is the lyrics of this song. They are a bit mysterious, and definitely poetic. Here, I will transcribe them for you:

"We dress like other people
Walking around
Keeping our head down
Close to the ground
Singing our song
Where do we belong
Where do we belong
And I was looking for the moon
I was looking for the moon

They follow us everywhere
?? the ground
Up in the air
They cornered us this time
And unless I change my mind
It's time for us to go
But I wanted you to know
That I was looking for the moon
I was just looking for the moon

We've been here
For such a long time
Long before your ancestors
Traveled to this land
And we watched you grow
Into something we don't know
Trying to explain that
Which you don't understand
And I was looking for the moon
I was looking for the moon

Can you hear me
I've a message to give to you about the future
The future
The future
The future
The future
The future

One day when we're gone
You'll wonder what went wrong
Why the sun won't shine
Why your children are sick of the time
Why your water turned to black
Why your saviors don't come back
And as you stumble around in the dark
And as you stumble around in the dark
You'll be looking for the moon
You'll be looking for the moon"

I love how the story here isn't cut and dried, it's open a bit to fantasy and interpretation. Very cool.

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Friday, January 25th, 2008
11:51 pm
#338: Frankie Big Face: "Locked Box"
Comp: origami 67
Genre: rock

So I've been away from this for a while again, but that's because I was doing a live show of my own in Brooklyn. That's over now, and so I am back to the song posts, hopefully. Ok, so I have done three Songfight gigs. One in PA, one in GA, and the most recent one in NY. Nobody else was there for all three, but until last weekend this guy, Frankie Big Face, was at all the others. He has a great sound, especially when he goes for the full-band thing. This song, I think, was probably played at both others (oh, it wasn't evidently played in PA, but it was in GA). It's not technically a Songfight song, but it appears on this CD set called AlbumFight. Three acts: Frankie, Add, and JBB. Each of them did an entire album using the same song titles, 12 songs in all. And the results are quite good. Go here to read the details and hear all three versions of "Locked Box". The CD set is well worth buying especially if it is only $6!

Frankie has an excellent sense of pop and interestingness. Sometimes he is compared to the Beatles that way. I love these lines that open the song:

"she wakes up every morning in an empty bed
her paperback open to the last page she read
she curls her hair and collects her thoughts
but she lives in a locked box"

Frankie does a lovely job at the falsetto every-other-line that starts the chorus:

"i'm happy i'll make it i'm on my own
that's what she tells herself
it's okay to be alone
she wakes up cold and wet
a ball of nerves and sweat
and starts another day"

Frankie also donated this song to a CD collection of pop hits that was sold for charity to help a couple of kids who were injured in a freak accident. It's called "Notes of Hope" and it's the place I got this song from. Awesome and cool. And a lot of great songs. Another featured SF'er, Glenn Case, put it together, but his link to the project on his homepage is 404 (hint, hint, Glenn, I know you read these).

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Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
3:10 pm
#337: Dr. Didg: "Devon"
Comp: origami ?
Genre: didgeridoo jam

Well, happy new year! I have been terribly lax in making posts. There is almost a month between Ladytron and this one. Well, I've been busy with the GOM and this live concert coming up and taking trips and whatnot. But I have not given up on writing about songs yet. Here's the first song of the New Year, chosen for no particular reason...

Okay, so I had this idea that I would write a bunch of stuff about Dr. Didg and suchlike but I remembered that I already did that over here. If you missed it the first time go ahead and check that one out first. This one, Devon, I think should have been the "single" (a funny idea for albums that don't really get record company advertising, anyway), as it's really pretty catchy. I don't see a means of hearing the song as-is, but you can hear a jam that they based on this song's groove here. Check out "Devon Jam Live". The 2000 one doesn't sound as much like the original. In here you can hear the didg groove in the lower registers, the upbeat synth hook line in the upper ones, some great drums and guitar. I saw one of these shows live and it was a lot of fun. Very danceable. If you have the chance to check out the original studio version, I totally recommend it. Everything is clearer than in the live version I linked to. Mmmmmm.... catchy! Bouncy!

PS as I mentioned last time, you can also check out versions of "Devon" from archive.org's live music archive!

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Friday, December 21st, 2007
5:29 pm
#336: Ladytron: "Another Breakfast With You"
Comp: origami 66
Genre: electropop

This Ladytron is an electronic pop group with female vocals. Catchy and fun stuff with great synths. Evidently they use analogue synths exclusively. This song has a small little sound, higher pitched, that always makes me think of Thomas Dolby - I think there must be a similar sound in one of his songs, but I haven't come up with that yet. I have not seen a video or otherwise with this song as soundtrack, but on the official site you can hear a sample (it's near the bottom of the page, on the album 604). You can hear that sound I'm talking about in the sample.
Anyway, I love the combination of organ, drums, synths, and voice in the sound of this song. The lyrics are a bit abstract, and brief:

"I don't want to fight
just want a piece of your life
oh, if you come out to play
I don't want you to say...anything
I didn't feel a thing when you told me that
you didn't feel a thing when I told you that
I didn't feel a thing, another breakfast with you"

That's almost all of it, although they repeat it for good measure. I see that this was the band's first album and that they have newer ones out. I will have to check those out!

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
11:56 pm
#335: Spy: "Won't You Come Down"
Comp: origami ?

A few years ago I saw a Volkswagen commercial and the music in it was pretty great - they always have had very interesting music. In researching this song I discovered that it was created by this guy named J.Ralph. At the time it appeared that the song from the ad wasn't available, but that he had another album that he recorded under the name Spy. I bought that one, and oddly enough it turned out that the music on it was not much like the ad music. It's am odd mix of rock and pop and synths and downtempo and a bit of avant-garde. Very eclectic. Since I enjoy an eclectic mix myself, I was not too bummed by this and have enjoyed the album a lot. More recently I found that he released an album of orchestral music that has the ad song in it, so I'm pleased; now I have it. Anyway, this is one of the pop songs on the Spy album and the first one that really grabbed me. You can hear the song, along with the rest of the album, on his official site - hit "Music" and then "Music to Mauzner By". The song starts off with a laid-back groove, good vocals, and then goes into a catchy chorus. Actually, the mix here reminds me of Brad Sucks, if you know his music. I love the main guitar line and the organ solo is great. Actually, I had forgotten, but this song also appears on the soundtrack to Mystery Men, a fun film with a very nice soundtrack. Check it out! Superheroes!

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