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#369: Laptop: "End Credits"

Comp: origami ?
Genre: synth-pop
Spotify: End Credits

Another one I don't remember how I found, but there are some excellent songs on here. This one deals with a guy trying to call his girlfriend to break up with her:

"Hey, you're not at home
Or never answer
Pick up your telephone

Stop this teenage movie we've lived
Stop this teenage movie, you dig?

I'm ready to roll the end credits
Ready for the curtain call"

But see, she never picks up the phone. Why? We don't know. One of my favorite things about this track is the use of sound effects. Interwoven between the lyrics of the song we have the phone dialing, then ringing, the woman's answering machine ("I'm not home right now, leave me a message, and I'll call you right back. Thanks!" - so perky), and my favorite, the off-the-hook sound (awesomely, in time with the song tempo). Also, the chorus, even though it's the same line repeated, doesn't get old... it has a nice little anthem quality to it.
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