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#365: Kraftwerk: "Music Non Stop"

Comp: origami 95
Genre: industrial
Spotify: Music Non Stop

So! I've done 365 of these here song posts and somehow have managed to not post a Kraftwerk song yet. If you can't tell from the name, these guys are German, and have been recording music since 1970, making them pioneers in this genre (electronic music). I guess they're not exactly industrial as we know it, but they certainly had a large part in starting it in the right direction. They are well known for using synthesizers and especially vocoded vocals, presenting a robotic "persona" and dancy but impersonal songs. This song has a fun rhythm which is set up by a voice speaking "boing, boom chop-chop, boing, boom chop ping, boing, boom chop-chop, boing, boom chop chun" and the drums come in among the words. Pretty catchy! This version comes from the album The Mix, which is a compilation album of sorts, of re-recorded versions of older songs. The band said that they wanted to make an album that represented the current (1991) sound that they had in concerts, so they re-did the old songs instead of just making a greatest hits album. I enjoy hearing the new versions alongside the old ones. Ah, according to the wikipedia, this version of the song has elements from a different song, "Boom Boom Tschak", which is where the vocal rhythm I mentioned above comes from. I like the two songs being put together in this version.
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