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#362: The Dartmouth Aires: "Crazy"

Comp: origami 100
Genre: a capella
Spotify: Crazy

So the other day I was making Spotify playlist of all the tracks I'd selected so far. And while searching for the Gnarls Barkley song "Crazy" (see #195) I found this cover. And I was intrigued by the band name, since my wife went to Dartmouth College, so I mentioned it to her (turns out that, yes, they are from that school)... and it turns out that she had just gotten a newsletter from the school that mentioned that this very same group was in the final episode of a music competition show for a capella groups (The Sing Off). So we caught the last episode, which was pretty entertaining (although it did have a lot of filler intended to raise tension). So these guys didn't win, but they came in second. Not bad! Back to this song. One of the things I love about this track is that all the "instruments" sound very real, despite being all vocals - they did a great job of keeping the electronic feel of the original song. And the pad vocals are great - I love the arrangement. Also, the lead vocalist is very talented. I'm guessing that none of the current group members were involved in this recording (their website says the track was recorded sometime between 2005-2007, but you could hear a common philosophy between then and now. Man, I love the bass. Very cool. Ha, upon checking my post about the original song, I said: "Man, that bass... so cool." I guess I am consistent, four and a half years later.
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