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#352: Tomáš Dvořák: "Clockwise Operetta"

Comp: origami 99
Genre: video game soundtrack
Spotify: not there

I got the indie video game Machinarium from the Humble Indie Bundle and it came with the game's soundtrack as mp3 files. The game was a lot of fun; it's one of the type where you have an on-screen character, but you make it interact with the game world by clicking on objects on the screen, like "The Dig" etc. The character was very likeable and the puzzles were interesting. Also, one big draw for this game was the excellent soundtrack, by Tomáš Dvořák (thank you cut and paste for getting the accents right). He is a Czech musician and also goes by the name Floex. In the game, I think this particular song was for the square where there was a big clock. You can hear the song here along with the rest of the soundtrack (and buy it, too! This is a bandcamp storefront, and that's a lovely site for us musicians to sell our songs). What I love about this song: the rhythms very interesting without being busy. The sound design. The building of tension. The best part, though, is the strange voice that comes in halfway through. It is foreign and robotic but still personable, like the main character of the game. I especially love the variety of sounds in this track, all different without sounding fractured. Good stuff!
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